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Store Closing Sale

We,Japanese handicrafts shop, decided to close our shop. So, we start  store Closing Sale. Big chance for getting Japanese handicrafts at very inexpensive price!
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Amazing prices! Store closing price!

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Item Name

Item # Price   in stock
Mystic Puzzle box YOSEGI (4 moves) B-1 US$13 1
Amazing Mystic magic box (Cigarette Case) B-2 US$9 2

Sake Set#2

H-15 US$19 4
Wooden Sake Set (Sake Flask set) C-4 US$22 1
Tapestry GENJI D-4 US$14  2
Tenugui as your home decor D-7 US$5 2
Tapestry Carps D-9 US$12  2
Tapestry Toyokuni D-10 US$12  2
Tapestry - Ohinasa D-21 US$14  2
Japanese Hanging scroll, Kakejiku, Five monkeys DK-7 US$35 1
Folding fan, Utamaro-woman reading a letter FD-1 US$19  1
Folding fan, Maiko FD-5 US$9  1
Folding fan, Kikyo FU-1 US$15 2
Folding fan,Utamaro-woman folding a fan FU-2 US$17  1
Folding fan, Ayu FU-8 US$12  1
Japanese lacquer, Tissue box cover, Baby's breath H-8 US$9  2
Shikishi - Original Painting, MUGA KO-2 US$8 1
Shikishi - Original Painting, Sansui KO-3 US$15 1
HAKATA doll "Kendo boy" NA-1 US$29  1
HAKATA doll "Japanese happy girl" NG-3 US$28  1
Samurai doll, Yoshitune NS-7 US$19 1
HAKATA doll "old happy couple" NP-1 US$26  1
Japanese lacquer, Pen P-1 US$11 2
Japanese lacquer, Compact Mirror P-2 US$12  1
Japanese lacquer, Hand mirror P-3 US$10  1
Japanese lacquer, Compact Mirror #2 P-4 US$10  2
Japanese Chopsticks Ukiyo-e, 5 pcs se S-7 US$4  5

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